Minimalism Demo01

Minimalism (Demo)

Inspired by the ideas of minimalism, the joy of less and a book by Marie Kondō, declutter to change your life.

A Podcast for Music-Preneur

Playlist On Spotify: The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast

Music-Preneur, a new word that put Music and Entrepreneur together, which is also a new trend or lesson that all independent artists/musicians need to familiarize ourselves with, concluding it in a sentence, “Acknowledge the basic rules to survive in the Music industrial and find your way around to succeed as a professional.

During the time when you still have your day job, at the same time making music, writing lyrics, recording, testing, editing in Logic, mixing, mastering, promoting yourself on social media, replying how to collaborate with another beatmaker/producer, finding a reputable festival to play, all these buzzing on your phone, it could be overwhelming ,frustrating and time is slipping away easily.

The MUSIC-PRENEUR Mindset Podcast by The Rock/Star Advocate offers a free playlist of coaching and mentoring for people who are interested/starting a career in the industry of Music to adjust their minds, pick up the managing skills and advice to avoid the pitfalls in the path.  You could also listen to it while you are traveling to work!

I was quite amazed to receive some information about Smartphone deaddiction from EP 34 “Yes, There’s Time for That“, introduced the BreakFree App ( An App to look after you digital lifestyle ) to help you to reduce the dependence on smartphones. Another one I really listened carefully is EP 35 “Ending Toxic Collaborations” which pointed out that toxicity in collaborations is not obvious at first usually and the methods to terminate them.